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The perfect tool for Cloud gaming!

GeForce NOW from NVIDIA is a popular Cloud gaming subscription service. It allows you to access a wide range of video games through leading game developers and platforms, including Steam and EA Origin. While using GeForce NOW, you’re able to enjoy heavy-duty games without any difficulty. Moreover, you don’t even need to upgrade your Windows PC, since this lightweight program doesn’t affect system resources.

Lightweight program for faster online gaming experience!

Gaming fans around the world have faced a specific issue for a long time. Heavy-duty games often require high-end PCs, which are specifically designed to improve the gaming experience. However, these machines are expensive, and not every gamer can afford them to play their favorite games. Fortunately, Cloud gaming has been a rising trend, and platforms like GeForce NOW allow gamers to enjoy their favorite content on low-performance Windows computers.

How to play games with GeForce NOW?

Like Steam and LiquidSky, GeForce NOW is an amazing app for Cloud gaming. It uses your computer’s NVIDIA RTX cards to run games smoothly. With this program, there’s little latency, and you can enjoy a wide range of games without crashes. Most importantly, the platform focuses on providing high-quality frame rates, which ensure the game runs smoothly on low-performance machines.

It’s worth mentioning that GeForce NOW doesn’t allow you to download games. The platform comes with a few pre-installed games, but when you click on them, you’re redirected to a game provider’s official site. From here, you can download or purchase the game before playing it on GeForce NOW.

It’s important to understand that GeForce NOW is a platform that supports Cloud gaming. The subscription plan charges the user by the hour and can be expensive for some people. Also, the prices vary according to your system’s performance. Having said that, if you’re using an old or low-performance Windows PC, GeForce NOW is the ideal choice to turn the machine into a device for running high-end games.

How does Cloud gaming work?

Cloud gaming, also called gaming-on-demand, is a medium to play online games on a wide range of devices. Based on video streaming and file streaming, Cloud games are divided into two categories. Regardless of the game you choose, you can play it on a computer without having to download or install a large-sized file. If your PC is short on storage space, Cloud gaming is the perfect way to play your favorite games without affecting system performance.

Like GeForce NOW, Opera GX is another excellent tool that supports Cloud gaming. While it’s more expensive, it’s on par with NVIDIA’s offering to play games online. A major advantage that Opera GX has over GeForce is the capability to browse a list of games within the platform.

Is GeForce NOW expensive?

When it comes to gaming, NVIDIA has been a trusted name in the industry. For many years, it has been offering high-quality products, equipment, and drivers to improve your offline and online gaming experience. While GeForce NOW comes with its own set of challenges, including high pricing, the platform is worth a download.

It provides you with seamless gaming experience, ensuring you don’t face any issues while playing heavy-duty games on your Windows computer. It’s worth mentioning that Cloud gaming is affected by the stability and speed of your internet connection. As such, you need a stable connection to use GeForce NOW without any lags.

Where can you run GeForce NOW?

If you’ve been using a relatively new PC, Android smartphone, Mac, or NVIDIA Shield TV, you can easily run GeForce NOW. For Windows PCs, the minimum requirements include Windows 7 and above, 64-bit dual-core CPU with 2GHz speed or faster, 4GB RAM, and a GPU with support for DirectX 11.

Similarly, minimum requirements for Mac include support for macOS 10.10 and above. According to the developers, this popular Cloud gaming platform has been successfully tested for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Android devices need Android 5.0 and above, and 2GB RAM to run GeForce NOW.

An excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts!

If you’re an online or PC game enthusiast, the latest version of GeForce NOW will be an excellent choice. It’s one of the most affordable alternatives to Opera GX. Moreover, the platform comes with support for more games and doesn’t affect system performance. All you need is a reliable, stable, and fast internet connection. While you might consider the pricing a bit on the high side, it proves to be nominal in the long run. Since there’s a free trial, you can check out the platform before making an account or payment.


  • Doesn’t take storage space
  • Comes with pre-installed games
  • Lightweight program
  • Faster gaming experience


  • Needs stable internet connection
  • Can be expensive

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GeForce NOW


GeForce NOW 2.0.16 for PC

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